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Saffron construction


Each flower consists of three brilliant crimson stalks - the outermost part of the ovary. This is part of the highest economic value of saffron, because the substances in the stigma are widely used in the world's food and medicine, bringing many health benefits as well. make up.



Saffron construction

Saffron stamens

Flower stamens consist of two parts: a small stalk called a stamen, the upper part is a stature. As a result of infertility, the stamen part without anther produces fertility and seed formation.

Saffron construction

Saffron petals

Soft and thin saffron petals have a light to dark lilac or purple lilac with veins. Flowers have a sweet fragrance, like honey. When flowering, the average height of the tree is less than 30 cm.

Saffron construction

Stems and leaves of saffron

 The tree grows to a height of about 20 - 30 cm and produces 5 - 11 non-photosynthesis white leaves called sycamore leaves. This leaf is structured like membranes that will cover and protect the plant's true leaves when they appear and grow. The true leaves of the plant are canopy, thin, straight and like blades, with a diameter of 1- 3 mm. Leaves can grow more after flowers have bloomed or grown with flowers.


Saffron leaves are expected to grow earlier than flowers if plants are watered relatively early in the development phase. The trunk is axial, or the flower-bearing structure, produces several bracts, which are special leaves that protrude from the flower stalk. This leaf is called a small stalk. After a rest period, the plant will grow and develop real leaves, which can be up to 40 cm long.



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